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    We are focused on providing increasingly competitive services that is of higher quality to meet customer satisfaction, focusing solely on our clients thus We are at the Fore-front of Design & Technology

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    In line with our philosophy, all aspects of the systems as well every activity of the value chain is permanently being modernized as a means of achieving higher levels of profitability and independence.

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    As a means of meeting the volume, modernization and diversification of risks; the international development of Akotex is a reflection of our technological capacities and our product and services competitiveness.

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    At Akotex, results and sustainability over time depend largely on the leadership of the company. Generating value for our interest groups by means of total quality and continual improvements in productivity by virtue of being more competitive and striving towards sustainable growth.

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Akotex Nig Ltd specializes in the supply, installation and maintenance of elevators, and Inverters/UPS. We promote open solutions that benefit our clients for the lifetime of each product. Our highly trained and experienced team pride ourselves on excellent customer satisfaction merged with state of the art, world class equipment and outstanding workmanship.

Akotex Nig Ltd, a subsidiary of Akotex Group is a leading indigenous elevator company reputed for timely service delivery and 24/7 after sales support, specializing in the supply, installation and maintenance of MP Lifts, escalators, and moving walks as well as Salicru UPS and Inverters. We operate out of Nigeria with a corporate office in Abuja. Akotex provides the best energy solutions for both domestic and professional uses. We operate a personalized and flexible customer approach associated with permanent innovation. Akotex Nig Ltd maintains a franchise with MP Lifts, a Spanish multinational firm that designs, manufactures, installs and maintains lifts and elevators operating in the lift component market for more than 30 years, and working with complete lifts for 18 years. We have multiple installations across the country delivering excellent lift solutions to our clients. We provide flexibility with technological lift solutions based on the needs of each structure, offering high quality lifts and elevators at competitive prices and no hidden costs. MP Lifts markets its products via maintenance and installation companies in the SME sector such as Akotex Nig Ltd and are present in over 100 countries across five continents. Our franchise lift company, MP Lifts is a world class leading lift-company, dedicated to excellent production and service, MP Lifts has a major international presence in Europe and has been hailed as being consistent in excellence delivery and customer satisfaction. We provide a wide range of options from residential buildings and offices to complex projects with high speed lifts, escalators and moving walks. Our major strength and continued success lies in customer satisfaction as this is the driving force of our company. Akotex is also partnered with Salicru, a leading Spanish energy power company specializing in the research and development of renewable, clean, reliable and sustainable energy. Salicru is a renowned power-electronics development company certified by several large corporations including Abertis, Kuwait Oil Company, Alstom, Bank Of China, Banco Sabadell, BBVA, Bouygues, Caixa Bank, Cisco, Dow, amongst others.



Making the right choice of lifts for a building can be quite challenging with factors such as the number of floors in the building, the number of people who will use the lifts daily to the type of building and environment in which the lift will operate. Akotex team of highly qualified engineers are equipped with extensive knowledge of the lift industry and products to meet your specifications.

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All products require constant upgrades and modernization. We provide after sales services which include the refurbishment of lifts at a fraction of the cost of a full replacement. FULL LIFT REPLACEMENT We will assist you in the process of replacement, as with any lift maintenance plan, all lifts will eventually require modernization. Contact us for more information

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As with any product, lifts wear and tear after a while.
The cost of acquiring a new lift can be avoided with proper maintenance and care. Our experienced engineers take extra care on the maintenance and service of your lifts with the latest technology and quality equipment, we offer the best in the business. Contact us for additional information

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No 23 Plot 232 Guzape Hills Guzape District, F.C.T Abuja.     +234 806 565 9999     +234 803 311 8724

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